Anticoagulation Coalition


“This is an outstanding initiative for New York State and perhaps a model for the country in terms of improving anticoagulant care.”
Dr. Jack Ansell


The New York Anticoagulation Coalition is a state-wide initiative promoting safe high quality anticoagulation management to “mainstream” anticoagulation best practices. Clinical champions who are specialists in anticoagulation management are able to effectively engage practitioners and provide peer support. To this end, Dr. Jack Ansell and Dr. Elaine Hylek have committed to this endeavor and, as nationally respected researchers and clinicians, have agreed to contribute to the leadership of the Coalition.

The Coalition, which meets quarterly, comprises a panel of clinicians (physicians, nurses and pharmacists) in anticoagulation practice; members of professional organizations and advocacy groups(including the Anticoagulation Forum and the National Blood Clot Alliance); academic institutions; health plans; and appropriate state and federal partners.

The Steering Committee supports the work of the Anticoagulation Coalition through periodic teleconferences. For more information contact Anne Myrka.

Last updated: Wednesday, November 4, 2015