Analytic Services

As the CMS-designated Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) for New York, IPRO is able to provide a unique complement of analytic tools and services free of charge.

  • Data Storage: IPRO data storage infrastructure and process meet or exceed all federal standards for privacy and security.
  • Private Health Information (PHI): QIOs such as IPRO, as CMS contractors, are considered health oversight agencies. The Privacy Rule of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), under 45 CFR §164.501, allows such agencies access to protected health information without patient permission. Furthermore, the Social Security Act provides protections to providers who disclose information to the QIOs, as described in §1157 of the Act
  • Data Access: QIOs such as IPRO may request and obtain fee for service (FFS) Medicare data files relating to projects under CMS contract. These files may be utilized to augment files obtained from collaborative partners to generate enhanced quality performance reports. Medicare enrollment and billing files are available to help characterize (restrictions apply):
    • Inpatient hospitalizations
    • Emergency department visits
    • Prescription drug utilization
    • Physician office visits
    • Lab tests and outpatient procedures
    • Medicare enrollment status and demographics
  • Instructions for Data Transfer Protocol: Collaborators wishing to share data with IPRO must adhere to CMS standards for QIOs.
  • Data reports: IPRO’s experienced analysts will work with collaborating partners to generate high quality reports to assess performance and guide improvement efforts
    • Standard anticoagulation reports are available for PSPC partner teams
    • Custom reports are also available for non-PSPC partners or for PSPC partners with unique needs

Analytical tools

Last updated: Thursday, August 1, 2013