EHR Selection

Choosing a technology platform that best suits your care model is the first important step in incorporating health IT into your practice. IPRO has worked with over a huge variety of practices on selecting an EHR, and we can help you find the right solution to optimize the business and care processes that are at the core of your office. IPRO is vendor-neutral and will always work with you to ensure the vendor you select is the one best suited to your practice’s individual needs.


From 2005-2008, IPRO led efforts for the state of New York in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS’) Doctor’s Office Quality Information Technology (DOQ-IT) initiative. DOQ-IT focused on assisting physician practices in selecting and beginning implementation of EHRs. Currently, we are part of the New York eHealth Collaborative Regional Extension Center, continuing our work helping practices select and achieve Meaningful Use* with their EHRs.

* – “Meaningful Use” is a term used by CMS to describe a physician practice or hospital that is utilizing an EHR fully enough to qualify for Medicare’s EHR incentive program.


IPRO works as a partner with clinicians, helping them navigate the often confusing landscape of EHR types and vendors. Our experts meet in person with physicians and nurse practitioners to educate them on topics including:

1. EHR functions
2. How those functions relate to practice workflow
3. What is required to achieve “meaningful use” of their EHR
4. What price options might be for various functions
5. Suggestions regarding how to shop for vendors (including contract styles and important questions to ask vendors)

IPRO also offers helpful tools and resources, such as checklists, to help practices work through the process of determining the EHR that will work best for them. Visit our EHR Selection Resources page to learn more.


Contact us to find out more about working with IPRO and how we can help your practice.

Last updated: Tuesday, February 16, 2016