NHQCC Collaborative Kick-Off

 Face -to-Face Learning - Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI); Data; Collaborative Problem Solving; Maximizing Communication and Teamwork; Staff Stability


Describe the essentials for continuous improvement; identify how to use data to drive improvement; describe the link between staff stability and quality; identify key systems to accelerate performance improvement


The learning  is designed to help nursing homes (NHs) set the QI foundation; focus on the use of data to identify and measure areas targeted for improvement; develop an actionable quality improvement plan; and subsequently adopt and sustain effective evidence-based quality improvement practice(s).


 Collaborative Materials

 Next Steps 

Process the material; assess the best resources to enhance existing QI work, decide on and recruit the best representatives for an effective collaborative team, analyze individual facility data, and consider an area targeted for improvement. 


Last updated: Monday, October 26, 2015